Due Diligence

We provide technical due diligence for clients evaluating potential investment in new or existing companies both in the public and private arenas. Our professional team has in-depth experience in many areas. We only undertake projects for which we have pre-existing industry expertise. We are constantly expanding our network of consultants by recruiting widely recognized industry leaders and subject matter experts. Stalix’s consultants now serve the following industries:
  • Telecommunications: Cellular, wireless terrestrial and satellite equipment and networks
  • Security: Sensors, imaging systems and people screening systems
  • Defense : Radar, sonar, mine detection, algorithms and signal processing
  • Renewable Energy: Solar and wind
We investigate the following areas and generate a final report:
  • Product uniqueness in the market and barriers to entry
  • Personnel, experience, management and technical capabilities
  • Market trends
  • Intellectual property and patent portfolio
  • Technology and development roadmaps
  • Competitive landscape