About US

Stalix LLC is a privately held company.  It was founded in April 2007 to provide design & technical consultant services and to pursue business opportunities having strong intellectual property advantages. Applying our extensive expertise in many industries, we develop breakthrough innovations that make products more efficient and cost effective.





Dr. Jonathan Wells

Jonathan Wells is a Director of Stalix.  He is also a Principal Partner with AJIS LLC, a wireless technology consultancy specializing in wireless marketing and business strategies, R&D management and new product development and commercialization.  He has over 15 years experience in the commercial wireless market.  Prior to AJIS, Jonathan held various roles with GigaBeam where he had responsibility for product management, technical marketing and worldwide regulatory affairs.  At Stratex Networks, Jonathan was Director of Product Development responsible for the company’s complete RF and microwave product strategy.  Previously Jonathan ran the Wideband Product Division for Adaptive Broadband, an early adopter of unlicensed wireless access products.  Jonathan holds a BSc in physics, a PhD in millimeter-wave electronics and an MBA with specialization in strategic R&D management.  He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Chartered Engineer in Europe.


Dr. Rob Howald

Dr. Howald has been in the communications engineering field for 20 years.  Dr. Howald served as Vice President of Engineering for Xytrans Inc. where he led the development of communications and security screening systems.  Xytrans designed and manufactured industry-leading technology in both the commercial communications arena, and in advanced people-screening systems during his tenure.  He has extensive experience and technical proficiency in system design and analysis, as well as in hardware specification and development ranging from the circuit to subsystem level, in various types of communications, high-frequency, and signal processing platforms.  As Director of Systems Engineering at Motorola Broadband, Howald was in charge of multiple engineering disciplines responsible for the development of high-level technical and architectural analysis and specifications for hybrid fiber-coax systems, passive optical networks, wireless and Ethernet-based access systems, and metro and core networks. Previously, Howald held engineering positions at General Instrument Corp and Lockheed Martin Space Systems. He was also President of S/N Consulting, specializing in RF and microwave communications analysis and design. Howald has a monthly online column covering various topics in communications, has published over 100 papers, and has one issued patent and five additional patents pending. He has a BSEE and MSEE from Villanova University, a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Drexel University, and an MBA from DeSales University.


Dr. Sean Christiansen

Dr. Christiansen has been working in technology and energy-related fields for nearly 10 years.  He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at the UCF Venture Lab. Previously, he was employed by L-3 Communications and was responsible for expanding core company strengths in detection technologies and identifying new business opportunities.  Prior to working at L-3 Communications, Dr. Christiansen worked at Teledyne Energy Systems where he lead research & development of integrated, stand-alone fuel cell systems.  While working at Teledyne, he was invited by Governor Bush to join a small, elite group of business professionals to form the Florida Hydrogen Business Partnership for helping the state to shape its hydrogen policies. Prior to Teledyne Energy Systems, Dr. Christiansen worked at Hydrogen Burner Technology, Inc. where he designed a novel reactor used for converting hydrocarbons into high-quality hydrogen for fuel cell use.  He evaluated the flow distribution, catalytic performance, water neutrality, and thermal gradients associated with various reactor configurations for the conversion of both diesel and natural gas fuels into fuel cell quality reformate. Dr. Christiansen has authored over thirty proposals, nine publications in peer-reviewed journals, two patent applications, and several conference manuscripts.  He continues to remain actively involved with both federally and locally elected officials as a technical resource supporting the development of new technologies.  Dr. Christiansen earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of California Santa Barbara.  He is a current member of Florida Energy Commission (Advisory Group on Renewables), Orlando Science Center (Board Member), Florida Solar Energy Center (Policy Advisory Board), Florida Hydrogen Initiative, and the American Chemical Society.